Local pest control company says prevention will keep critters at bay

Ants on parade (Scott Bauer / MGN)

You may have noticed more pesky creatures in your home this month. A Lowcountry pest control company says it's because of rain and new construction.

Nick Caudell is the manager at Eastern Cooper Termite and Pest Solutions. He said it's a problem most people don't want to admit to having.

"If they can fit their head in, they're going to squeeze the rest of their body in," Caudell said.

This time of year can be tricky for prevention. Caudell said that's because cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes are more active with rainfall and humidity. With all the wet weather we've had lately, there's more activity.

"Everything is stirred up, flushed out of their hiding spots," he said.

But more than moisture has insects on the move and looking for new hiding spots. Caudell said new construction also has critters crawling for a new home, possibly in YOUR home.

"When you build right on top of where they live, you're gonna have then in your house," he said.

As far as keeping them out, Caudell said prevention is the best method. Among his prevention tips -- regular inspections of your home.

"Your foundation vents will have screening on the back. See if it's been chewed through. Electrical lighting, like flood lights, the cut out in your socket for that light to go, that's a good place for them to sneak around," Caudell said.

Attics and garages can become insect habitats too. Even with prevention, "if they wanna get in bad enough, they will."

Earwigs and other smaller insects can get into your home by walking along your exterior plumbing pipes. They then crawl in through the cutouts behind your toilets and sings. So, you'll want to make sure those are properly sealed.

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