Charleston school nurse named S.C. School Nurse of the Year

Jill Burgin, of Stiles Point Elementary in Charleston, is South Carolina's School Nurse of the Year (WCIV)

From asthma medicine to skinned knees, bumped heads to insulin shots, school nurses all across the state are some of the busiest yet most important people in our school systems.

Its why the state works to recognize them every year, and this year a Lowcountry school nurse was recognized for her hard work by being named the South Carolina School Nurse of the Year.

"Speechless," said Jill Burgin, the school nurse for Stiles Point Elementary School who won this year's award. "I’m thrilled to death, I’m excited that my hard work here the past 14 years has been recognized at the state level. Its been very exciting.”

Burgin's coworkers say they're proud and aren't surprised that she won the award.

"Oh I love it. We are thrilled we are so proud of Miss Jill," said Michael Ard, School Principal of Stiles Point Elementary. “I’ve heard her make so many decisions and calls and they’ve been right on target."

Burgin says the job can be difficult sometimes, especially with the unknowns of watching over 700 students. "When you get 700 kids under one roof and they all go out to recess, you never know what’s going to happen out there on the recess ground, or the classroom!"

Despite the difficulties, Burgin says she truly loves her job. "Kids popping in and saying hello and for making me feel loved as their nurse. I love being here, and I love taking care of the kids here."

This is the second time in a row a teacher from CCSD has won the state's School Nurse of the Year award. Charlene Barbot from Mary Ford Elementary School won the award for 2018.

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