Lowcountry artist combines a collage of interests to create his vision

    Lowcountry artist combines a collage of interests to create his vision (Source: Richard Drayton)

    Richard ‘Rich’ Drayton is a flower child—meshing the beauty he sees into futuristic art pieces.

    “If art is not my thing, then I don’t know what is. I like lots of bright colors, I like flowers, I like my subject matter being black people,” Drayton said.

    He combines all of his interest.

    “I’m a fan of Grace Jones and punk rock, so for me, I’ll take a Grace Jones picture and throw her in the middle of like a mosh pit, like from punk shows, cause that’s not something that’s seen together, but it’s something that makes sense together at the same time,” he said.

    Drayton typically does collages.

    “I do collage art, I do illustration, really all of my art is based upon collage even to the way I build upon it,” he added.

    He creates his work with the click of a mouse.

    “With all my pieces, there always a bit, there’s always a psychedelic element to it, there’s always a sort of futuristic element to it,” he said.

    The 27-year-old knew early on his interest were different. He struggled academically; but found his way by honing in on the details around him.

    “I take things apart, put them back together, add stuff here, take those things away. My mind is sometimes in 2027, so I try to make things and envision things the way I think they’ll look and exist then,” Drayton said.

    The West Ashley native now lives in North Charleston. Its an area he thinks is often overlooked and forgotten. The area is his primary source of energy and inspiration.

    “It’s an area that has hope in it,” he said.

    As he grows in his creations, he’s dabbling in music, mixing and integrating the worlds around him.

    “When I leave this world one day, the stuff I made, the stuff that came out of my mind will still be here, and people will be able to reference those things and see where I come from and see what kind of mind I have,” he added.

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