Lowcountry barbers offering free cuts during government shutdown

1st String Beauty and Barbershop in Summerville (WCIV)

It’s something simple that can change a person’s day. Two Lowcountry barbers are making sure people impacted by the partial government shutdown are able to keep getting haircuts.

“If you can’t come to me because you didn’t get a paycheck, I still want to be able to provide that service for you Antwonn Gathers, owner of 1st Impressions Barber Shop said.

“It’s always important, appearance is everything, and we want to make sure that everybody looks their best for whatever they’re doing in life.” Toris Perry, owner of 1st String Barbershop added.

Two barbers, two shops, from two different towns are providing cuts, for those who’ve missed a paycheck. The partial government shutdown is the longest in history.

“This is something that is serious, that is going to affect everybody not just the government employees, but it’s going to affect people like me cause they’re not going to want to come to a barbershop and get a cut,” Gathers said.

Both barbers are offering free cuts to government employees on MLK Jr. day.

“I don’t want to be the shop that’s always taking, taking, taking. I want to be the shop that looks out for the community,” Perry said.

Both men reflected on hard times, when their look just didn’t quite cut it.

“One bad haircut, one bad haircut and I started cutting my own hair after that,” Perry said.

“My dad messing up my haircut, pretty much,” Gathers said.

They both hope no man, or woman, has to worry about not looking the part.

“I’m on hard times now, you know, but I’m not able to help them out financially, but i can use these clippers. So, I need help right now myself, but I don’t mind giving back,” Gathers added.

Both shops will provide free haircuts cuts for people even if the government reopens. They just ask that you bring your government I.D. and proof of non-payment.

1st Impressions Barber and Beauty Lounge can be found at 1357 Remount Road, Suite 5, North Charleston, SC.

1st String Beauty and Barbershop can be found at 960 Bacons Bridge Rd, Suite 8, Summerville, SC.

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