Lowcountry cancer survivor featured in documentary at Charleston Film Festival

    The documentary called Vincible features Ford Harkness who grew up in the Lowcountry. (Provided)

    A Hanahan native will be one of 15 cancer survivors featured in a documentary at the Charleston Film Festival.

    "There were a lot of questions, it was very overwhelming," said Ford Harkness, who grew up in the Lowcountry and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 29.

    Kayla Redig is the director of Vincible.

    Doctors diagnosed Redig with breast cancer when she was 24.

    Her documentary claims survival rates among younger people diagnosed with cancer haven't improved for 30 years, which she says is because of delayed diagnoses.

    "I had six months of chemo, I had surgery, had seven weeks of radiation, I had more surgeries," Redig said. "I had so many doctors and diagnostic technicians tell me, 'you're too young for this to be cancer, you don't need any further testing,'" she said. "Just that conflict...you’re taught always listen to your doctors they know best."

    "I had no film experience," Redig said. "I just wanted to do it so people can learn this is a demographic that's slipping through the cracks with the way you group us in with the kids or the adults," Redig added.

    Harkness says he hopes the documentary starts a conversation.

    "What all the young individuals are going to, when you think you are invincible and you get the news, that you’re not. It's a punch in the stomach, it knocks your wind out. It was kind of a struggle actually getting people to listen to you to understand what was going on. By the time I was finally diagnosed, I was stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma."

    The 10th annual Terrace Charleston Film Festival runs from tonight through Sunday, March 17.

    You can purchase tickets for Vincible here.

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