Students to experience 'Jazz Day' at Charleston Music Hall


Mix the offbeat melody of jazz with what's sure to be an exuberant collection of 800 kids and something unexpected is sure to go down.

Wednesday will mark the 2nd Annual Jazz Day for Kids event at Charleston Music Hall.

Elementary school children in grades K-6th grade will experience a big band type concert performed by the Charleston Jazz Orchestra.

Charleston Jazz is also partnering with Streamable Learning to live stream the concert and a post-concert lecture to Charleston area schools.

“Our mission at Charleston Jazz is to grow a local and global community for jazz through performance, education and outreach,” said Mary Beth Natarajan, Executive Director at Charleston Jazz. “Inspiring kids is where it all begins,” she added.

The CJO will perform tunes from popular children’s movies and TV shows including Let it Go, and the Addams Family. The band will also perform songs that showcase various instrument sections such as saxophones, trombones and trumpets.

“70% of the children attending the concert are from Title One Schools,” said Charlton Singleton, Music Director for the Charleston Jazz Orchestra. “Some of these kids have never seen a live big band or visited a theatre,” he added. “If only one child is inspired to take up a musical instrument, that’s a success.”

After the concert, Charlton Singleton will present a live stream lecture entitled, “The History of Jazz in Charleston” with special guest, Mayor John Tecklenburg.

The schedule of live stream events is:

10:45am – 11:45am EST Grades 3-6 | Charleston Jazz presents Jazz Day for Kids

1:10pm – 1:40pm EST Grades 3-6 | Charleston Jazz presents The History of Jazz in Charleston - Featuring Charlton Singleton with special guest Mayor John Tecklenburg

Additionally, the Charleston Jazz Academy has developed a jazz-oriented curriculum for teachers to use in the classroom before and after the CJO concert to extend the learning experience. All teachers and jazz education enthusiasts are encouraged to register for the live stream events or download the curriculum at

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