'Magic water' cleansing body and curing disease in Blackville


We all want to feel the absolute best that we can and many South Carolinians are heading to Blackville, S.C. for exactly that.

Our Natalie Parsons explains how it's as easy as taking a sip of some "magic water."

Refreshing, crisp and pure are just some of the words used to describe the water constantly flowing from the God's Acres Healing Springs.

People come from near and far to quench more than just their thirst.

One family from North Carolina thinks it can help clean and cure the body of disease.

"I have a stroke in 2009 then in 2011 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer stage 4. The doctor also gave me only 90-days to live," says Chief Otis Daniels of Belmont, N.C.

"I said, 'We're going to go back to the healing springs water and we're going to get a lot of water' and he says, 'Babe, I have been drinking' and I said, 'But you haven't been drinking it right.' So I said all day long you have to go drinking the water and trust and believe in God,'" explains Eugenia Evans of Charlotte, N.C.

Chief Otis Daniels says he went back to the doctor 90-days later to be told that he was now cancer-free.

"He was amazed himself, but now my P.S.A. is down to 0.00 and I thank God for it," he says.

His daughter Eugenia Evans says drinking the water also helped lower her cholesterol.

Lori Jacobsen has been coming to the healing springs for about 18-years now.

She says she drinks this water for peace of mind.

"We know that there's issues with the way that our water is delivered in many cities. I don't know particularly about Columbia and West Columbia's water fully, but I don't trust it very much. This I have a lot of trust and faith I guess," explains Lori Jacobsen of West Columbia, S.C.

Every month, Jacobsen comes to fill jugs and bottles with about 15-gallons worth of the so-called "magic water" for her family to drink, cook with and share.

"I give it to my animals as well. My cat and my dog. Yeah, and they seem to enjoy it better than the tap water. I think it just tastes better so it has a better mineral content," she adds.

The story behind these healing springs dates all the way back to the American Revolution.

"There was a surveyor named Nathaniel Walker signed a lot of the original land grants for South Carolina and the story for the legend goes that he was working in this area. He saw an Indian bathing in water in a little hole with just water bubbling up and that he found that the Indians considered that a sacred site," explains the Blackville Area Historical Society's Myrtle Quattlebaum.

According to the sign posted on the historical property, "The Indians believed the water had healing properties...and they led the British wounded here during the American Revolution and the wounded were healed."

"Later on, it was sold to L.P. 'Lute' Boylston and he said it was the most precious piece of land that he ever owned so he had an attorney to draw up the papers in his will. He left one acre of land 'to Almighty God' and it is recorded in that manner in the Barnwell County Court House." adds Quattlebaum.

"It's just a beautiful area and it's a gift that we have this here," says Jacobsen.

"That's some good water," adds Daniels.

Water that keeps people coming back to blessed Blackville, S.C.

For more information about the God's Acres Healing Springs: CLICK HERE!

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