Ruby Bridges in attendance of school's “Love America, Love…Everybody!” performance

Ruby Bridges (WCIV).jpg

Iconic Civil Rights activist, Ruby Bridges was in Charleston today at the Dock Street Theatre in attendance of Meeting Street Academy’s “Love America, Love…Everybody!” tour.

Bridges was the first African-American child to integrate into a white Southern elementary school back in 1960 on November 14, according to

Her attendance at a white Southern school cause such an uproar she had to be escorted to class by her mother as well as U.S. marshals due to violent mobs.

Bridges previously met with the students last year during one of their performances in Memphis.

Dirk Bedford, the principal at Meeting Street Academy said students really connected with Ruby as she was a child going through this experience. “Our kids aren’t far from the age she was, and so not only do they have a deep sense of gratitude, but they know that she helped pave the way for them to have this extraordinary opportunity.”

Wednesday’s performance is a part of a four-day tour. The tour will end at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

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