Memorial service held for Black Lives Matter activist Muhiydin Moye.


Many gathered Saturday morning to pay their respects and to remember Black Lives Matter activist, Muhiydin Moye.

The memorial service took place at the Hampton Park, centered around the Denmark Vessey Monument.

Many shared their remarks and fond memories with Moye. John Singletary recalled the first time he met Muhiydin, he said that he came to know him during his 2015 mayoral campaign for North Charleston. Singletary described Moye as a young person that had tremendous energy, intellect, and wanting to do the right thing.

The service had a large turnout, with members playing drums, singing, and comforting one another. Mayor John Tecklenburg was along those who came to came to pay their respects. The group says that they hope to continue to spread a message of love and unity.

Damon Fordham, an attendee of the event said that " Moye was not a man of hatred by any means, he was about justice he was not about hatred, he was about love and righteousness, but he felt about going direct in the most way possible.”

Muhiydin was shot in the thigh while visiting New Orleans. He later died from blood loss. It is not clear what led to the shooting.

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