Traffic improvement options for Hwy 41 get mixed reactions at meeting

Options for improving traffic on Highway 41 (WCIV)

Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant is one of the few detours in the Lowcountry’s after the closing of the westbound lanes of 526.

People who live and work in the area were able to learn more about the improvement projects on Wednesday night.

The team with Charleston County has narrowed it down to three options. Crews say some 27,000 vehicles travel on the road on an average day.

But it will be at least another four years before we see any construction begin as a part of the improvement project. People who travel this way daily have some reservations about the options on the table.

Rhys McCleary attended the meeting and said he doesn’t like the option that brings five lanes to Bessemer Road through Dunes West.

“If we have five lanes, whenever I’m walking down to the bus, a car could just come and hit me.” McCleary said. “It’s already not safe, because we have to cross one road and cars don’t even care and cars just go up and down.”

He isn’t alone with his concerns for alternative seven.

Nancy Ranucci lives in Park West and works at the Harris Teeter on 41.

“They’re building all down Bessemer," she said.

Traffic is often times a concern for her.

“You just can’t go anywhere and expect to get there in the time that you used to," she said.

Ranucci said none of the options address the root of the problem.

“I think they need to stop some of the building, that’s the big problem," she said.

People like Mary Kraper are torn between the options on the table.

“I think it would really impact the Phillips Community and in a very negative way, and personally, I don’t agree with that.”

For others, the decision is clear: “The options and alternatives have a five-lane highway ripping through Park West and desecrating that neighborhood," said Jim McKenrick.

No decision will be made this year.

Tonight’s meeting was about getting the community's input.

Those who were unable to attend the meeting can still leave a comment for the planning team by clicking here.

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