Mobile home park sold to developers forcing families to find a new place to call home

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Out of luck and no place to go, a deadline is set for families living in the Maryville-Ashleyville community to find a new home. Their mobile home park was sold to developers, they’ve received their final notice to vacate the property, and the people living in this community say they feel forgotten.

In a single wide trailer, tucked away on one of the oldest streets in the state, is Campbell-Knupple Mobile Home Park. It’s where Karen Miller calls home. “I love living here in this park.”

Her days living in the Maryville-Ashleyville community though are now numbered. “January 7th, it’s a ticking time bomb. We’re just very anxious, all of us, and we just don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Last year—Crescent Homes purchased the property where her trailer sits. Talks of neighbors having to relocate soon followed, Karen said it was in the spring when she first heard rumblings that she would have to move. “I found out about it on Mother’s Day as a matter of fact.”

Then in September, she received a notice, in the form of a letter, placed in her mailbox. “We were told, disregard that because that’s not legal, they can’t do that that way.”

Karen said she and neighbors thought they would have more time to figure things out, until another note arrived. “That letter was simply a folded piece of paper that was not in an envelope even. It did not come through the mail. My understanding was that we were supposed to receive a 90 day notice via certified mail.”

Karen has 17 days to figure out her next move. “We have nowhere to go and I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Putting the holidays on the back burner. “I’m very sad, I’m very sad, I don’t know what the future holds and I expected to spend many more Christmas’ here.”

ABC News 4 reached out to Crescent Homes Wednesday and have not heard back yet. We speak to the spokesman for the City of Charleston. We wanted to know if there are resources to help these families. They gave us this statement from Geona Shaw Johnson, The Director of Housing “The city has reached out to the developer with these concerns, and will be following up tomorrow with affected residents to learn more and to help them locate housing."

We will update this story after speaking to developers.

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