Possible Mold Found Growing in North Charleston Apartment

Mold samples from North Charleston Apartment (WCIV)

A North Charleston man says he noticed what he thought was mold growing rapidly all over his apartment recently. When he wasn't getting anywhere trying to get the problem resolved on his own, he reached out to ABC New 4 for help holding the apartment complex accountable.

Chayce Hall, 20, sent us a note after discovering what he called a "furry substance" growing around his apartment. He sent pictures and asked for our help, because he had nowhere else to turn. All he wanted was a safe place to live.

"I want to not be afraid of getting sick when I come home," Hall says.

On July 8, Hall noticed a strange growth coming from every nook and cranny in his Springhouse Luxury Apartment, but Hall's apartment is anything but luxurious.

"I noticed that there were just a few dots on the vent." he said.

In was growing from every vent that kept his apartment cool. Hall said he remembered his home had recently flooded,

"We pulled out the stove and the fridge and noticed everything behind that," Hall said.

He bought an at-home kit to test the spreading spores. All three samples tested positive for what appeared to be mold. The 20-year-old was forced to fend for himself.

"My family all lives in Ohio, it's just me down here. I have $80, it was like $1200 for the hotel room for a week," Hall said.

After investigating, we contacted the leasing office last Friday. They had no comment. We reached out to their parent company, but also got no response.

But, hours after leaving the property, Hall was informed he would be let out his lease with no penalties, reimbursed for July's rent, and reimbursed for his hotel fees.

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