More than 400 animals rescued during Hurricane Florence in Robeson County

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The Robeson County Sheriff's Office rescued more than 400 animals that were out during Hurricane Florence, according to Robeson County Sheriff Ken Sealey.

Sealey said they got calls that some animals were stranded on a rooftop and seven horses were running at large.

He added other animals had to be rescued from Skeeter Lane in the Orrum area of the county.

Sealey released the following statement regarding the animal rescues:

"On September 21, 2018 Robeson County Animal Cruelty Investigator; Katherine Floyd and Global Canine Rescue were out during Hurricane Florence with the rescue of animals. Ms. Floyd received a call from a postal worker stating animals were stranded on a rooftop of a structure. A call was received that 7 horses was running at large. Ms. Floyd and Global Canine Rescue rescued the horses and several dogs.

Approximately 2 hours later Global Canine Rescue spoke with an Electric Utility Contractor and was advised to respond to Skeeter Lane, Orrum, NC in reference to animals that needed attention. Upon arrival a drone was flown and a member of Global Canine Rescue walked in as far as possible and advised we had a serious situation. A live feed was done at that time by boat.

On September 22, 2018 the drone footage was reviewed by Ms. Floyd. An order to take custody of the animals was obtained from the magistrate. The water was so deep assistance was requested from the North Carolina National Guard. Sheriff Kenneth Sealey responded at this time with the National Guard. A live feed was completed by boat again. We began our rescue of the animals.

On September 23, 2018 the rescue continued and was completed. The total for the rescues: 400 live rescued, 35 died after being rescued; approximately 300 were dead on the property. A licensed veterinarian and 4 veterinary technicians were with these searches from onset through the completion.

Charges are pending at this time with an ongoing investigation.

All Feathered animals, including rabbits are being cared for by Carolina Water Fowl Rescue in Indian Trail, NC. All cats and dogs that were seized are cared for by the Robeson County Humane Society.

5 pot-bellied pigs are being cared for by a county livestock contractor.

Special Thanks to these individuals and Agencies for their assistance provided in this rescue: Katherine Floyd, Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Cruelty Investigator, Det. Brent Lamb and Det. Darryl McPhatter; Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, Robeson

County Humane Society, County Livestock Contractor, Global Canine Rescue and Carolina Water Fowl Rescue and the NC National Guard.

During Hurricane Florence the Robeson County Animal Cruelty and the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office rescued:

  • 97 dogs
  • 30 livestock animals 4 peacocks
  • 12 chickens"
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