Mother of 10-year-old shooting victim is bond court Friday morning

Samantha Baker in Bond Court (WCIV)

Samantha Baker, the mother of the 10-year-old victim in a shooting incident, was in court this morning.

Baker was arrested for allegedly filing a false police report of an attempted murder to North Charleston Police.

Baker’s son was initially thought to have been shot at Pepperhill Park by a BB gun and was rush to Summerville Hospital.

But witnesses say they saw the Baker coaching the boys to tell a false story.

When North Charleston police dug a little deeper they found that the 10-year-old was shot by an accidental discharge in Baker’s home, in front of her.

Police say Baker provided a statement saying that she lied after waiving her Miranda rights.

Today, in bond the judge gave her a surety bond of 20,000 dollars.

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