Mount Pleasant man has been charged with armed robbery of a Harris Teeter

john avery brown.jpg

According to Mount Pleasant Police, a 19-year-old man was arrested February 11 in regards to a Harris Teeter shoplifting incident.

Police say a witness observed John Avery Brown walk out of the Harris Teeter with a gun on him as Brown exited the business.

According to police, Brown was found at the back of the store when they arrived at the scene.

The report says Brown was in possession of two pocket knives, an expandable baton, a BB gun, an open bottle of Fireball and Paddy Whiskey, and 12.7 grams of a green leafy substance wrapped in individual baggies.

Avery Brown has been charged with armed robbery, possession with intent to distribute, and public drunkenness.

He received more than $25,000 total bond.

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