Mount Pleasant Waterworks responds to concerns about water quality

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Mount Pleasant Waterworks has issued a response following what the water provider describes as comments and concerns on various Facebook pages about at-home water sampling kits, tests and results.

A release issued by Mount Pleasant Waterworks spokesperson Dionna L. Ebeling, states the concerns were not posted on Mount Pleasant Waterworks' official page, but staff members had reviewed posts on other pages.

“We are aware of the concerns being posted on social media following the use of home water sampling kits. Our top priority is to provide clean, safe drinking water for all customers. We care about the quality of our water and we are working with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) to address the concerns that have recently arisen," the official statement from general manager Clay Duffie reads.

"SCDHEC and the Environmental Protection Agency do not recognize results from home sampling kits as legitimate and accurate. These test strips DO NOT produce certified laboratory data that is recognized by either agency. In addition, analyzing the results of the degree of darkness of the lines shown on the home test strips is difficult. We are coordinating with SCDHEC and are organizing efforts to sample and test for the chemicals of concern by our customers. SCDHEC will be using a certified laboratory, proper sampling techniques, and official chain of custody procedures. It is important to understand that lead, pesticides, and other potential contaminants are monitored by SCDHEC and MPW. To date, none of these chemicals have been detected at concentrations of concern. Historical data is available to the public for review."

Duffie says water tests are conducted as required to meet state and federal regulations. He encourages residents of Mount Pleasant to review results posted on their website.

The social media posts and response from the the water provider follow concerns from some parents about a potential cancer cluster in Mount Pleasant. DHEC has already responded, and some experts believe water and air, if there is indeed an issue, are not responsible.

"We are making every effort to address the concerns of our customers in a responsible manner. SCDHEC and MPW are coordinating testing water in Mount Pleasant in the next week to 10 days," the statement from Duffie goes on to state. "Once the results are available, we will provide them on our website. We encourage customers who have questions or concerns to contact us directly at 843-884-9626 or"

Update: Mount Pleasant Waterworks will be holding an informational meeting with customers to listen and discuss concerns regarding water quality on Monday, July 10th at 1:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Operations Center located at 1619 Rifle Range.

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