MPW issues update to concerns about pesticides in water

FILE PHOTO - Water sample vials ready for packaging and to be sent to lab for analysis.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks issued an update Thursday to the water provider's approach to concerns about pesticides in town water. The update stated, "Customers wanted MPW to test for pesticides. WE ARE."

Mount Pleasant Waterworks confirmed water samples were taken on July 12. Those samples have already been analyzed by MPW, the update states. The results -- "samples are in-line with historical data and do not indicate any water quality concerns."

Water samples collected by MPW are now also being check for the presence of hundreds of pesticides, specifically NALED (used for mosquito control).

"We heard you," the update states.

Samples will also be sent to a third party, per the request of concerned residents in Mount Pleasant.

Results from SCDHEC and MPW tests are expected to arrive during the week of July 17th. MPW reports all testing results will be made available to customers upon receipt.

View the entire update released by MPW here.

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