Mt. Pleasant group aims to prevent suicide from Ravenel Bridge with messages of support

Signs on the Ravenel Bridge aiming to bring hope to people who might need it. (WCIV)

The Ravenel Bridge is a popular destination for locals and tourists. But it’s also a place people have used to commit suicide. It’s a tragic fact that bothers Casey Higgins.

"It really struck a nerve with me," she said.

Higgins and her co-workers from Q4 Launch, a Mt. Pleasant hospitality marketing company, decided to do something about it.

Inspired by a project in the UK, they posted words of encouragement along the pedestrian railing of the bridge.

"I had everybody in my office write a note. I just sent out an email, like if you want to participate please write something kind. I shared the story with everybody so that they had a little bit of background," explained Higgins.

They're simple messages of hope and love.

"Even while we were putting them up on the bridge, people were stopping to tell us that it was such an amazing thing we were doing," said Mia Mendez, a co-worker who joined Higgins in the project.

A suicide prevention phone number was also included.

"I think everybody knows people in their lives who have either known somebody who committed suicide or have gone through bouts of depression. I think it’s something everybody can relate to."

In the past two weeks, many of the notes have either blown away or been taken down. But the effort means a lot for a group of co-workers who care about those they don't know.

"I just feel really passionate about reaching out to people who are going through such a tough time like that because they feel like they don't have anyone that they can talk to," said Matthew Kuraska, another co-worker from Q4 Launch.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is open 24 hours a day.If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-TALK.

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