Mt. Pleasant residents 'trying to have faith' as they wait on results of DHEC water tests

Mt. Pleasant residents 'trying to have faith' as they wait on results of DHEC water tests

Several people living in Mount Pleasant want answers to concerns over water quality, and DHEC is now doing something about it.

Tuesday, workers were in Mount Pleasant testing water samples. It's all part of an effort to find out if there is something in the water that could pose a health hazard.

DHEC samples were taken from three houses in the Mount Pleasant area. Officials with Mount Pleasant Waterworks said they chose those areas because of recent concerns.

While those living in Mount Pleasant await results, the question still remains -- is the water coming from your home safe?

It's been a question on the minds of many who live in Mount Pleasant after a string of cancer diagnoses. Among those are people like Lynne Way, whose husband beat kidney cancer.

"Once my husband got sick a couple years ago, we started talking about how it was strange that all these things are going on in the same area. It's very rare you have two families with cancer right across the street from each other -- let alone one down the way,” Way said.

They started wondering if it was something in the water. They began using at-home test kits and when several came back positive for pesticides, they questioned the source of their tap water.

"I’m trying to have faith in it, and let’s just hope that when it comes out, the results are valid," Way said.

The general manager of Mount Pleasant Waterworks said water is tested every three years and there's nothing to worry about, but that doesn't sit well with Way.

"You go to the doctor once a year, you do all these things. It should be tested once a year, once a month even. It can't be that hard to test it and make sure it's safe," Way said.

She worries about the water.

"I have 3 kids. We've lived here since 2004, just kind of scared about the effects that could happen later on,” Way said.

She says she won't drink from the faucet.

"Once all the talk has gotten more serious, and we saw people were testing and getting stuff in their water, we went to bottle," Way said.

The results should be back in less than a week.

"I’ll feel more comforted when we get the results," Way said.

We have reached out to DHEC about what pesticides they were testing for and how they test them. We left messages several times but they have not returned our calls.

Several viewers have voiced concern about the chemical Naled, commonly found in the pesticide used for spraying mosquitoes. We’ve also asked Mount Pleasant Waterworks if they test for that but did not get a reply.

This is a story we will continue to follow.

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