Myrtle Beach bank exec under fire for blackface photo

(Credit: Screenshot: YouTube/Trembley Group via screenshot)

A bank executive in Horry County is apologizing for a picture that has been posted across the internet.

Photos of Anderson Brothers Bank Vice President Bryan Lenertz at a neighborhood costume party have gone viral. The Root reports Lenertz and his wife dressed as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and used a skin bronzer.

The bank posted a statement on Facebook, saying the costume was considered offensive.

It continued that the company and Lenertz both express deep regret and extend apologies to those who were offended.

Lenertz released his own statement, too:

On October 27th I made a foolish decision. While it was never my intention, I understand that my costume was both hurtful and wrong. I fully and completely apologize. I’ve learned from this mistake and promise it will never happen again.
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