Community pleads to 'stop the violence' in North Charleston

Marchers in North Charleston after a string of shootings. (WCIV)

Across North Charleston—the plea for change could be heard loud and clear.

The United Black Men of Charleston marched along Dorchester Road at West Surrey Drive.

The message: Stop the violence.

For Celestine Dixon, this plea was very personal.

“My son got gunned down December 22, 2017,” she said.

Nearly six months have gone by since that day.

“That was my baby, he was the only one living in the house with me, and they take my baby from me,” Dixon said.

It's aain that she’s not certain will ever fade away.

“I cry every day, it’s a process that you gotta go through, and I don’t want no other family, no other mother to go through this,” she said.

Her son Malik was only 18.

“My son didn’t give me a grandchild, my son didn’t finish school, he was just a young child trying to have fun and he got gunned down.”

The gunman has yet to be caught.

“My child is gone and the person that killed my child is still out here," she said.

Just last week, a man was killed across the street from where the group marched.

No arrest have been made in that case.

“It’s hurts daily to see another kid get murdered," she said.

From a mother and neighbor she pleads: “Just think before you put a gun up in your hand. If you got to go your parents, you go to someone, just think about what you’re doing in taking someone’s life.”

Pastor Thomas Ravenell spear headed the march.

North Charleston Police Chief Reggie Burgess was also marching with the crowd.

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