Neighbor reacts to fatal shooting in North Charleston: 'It doesn't have to be that way'

The scene of a fatal shooting on West Surrey Rd in North Charleston (WCIV)

North Charleston police officers are investigating a fatal shooting incident at Dorchester Road and West Surrey Drive.

A man was discovered dead inside of a vehicle that crashed at the intersection, who died from gunshot wounds.

ABC News 4 spoke with the neighborhood barber on what he thinks is the root cause of all the violence.

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"The end result shouldn't be, 'I want to kill you,'" said Antonio Rivers, co-owner of Carolina Kutz Barber Shop. Rivers has heard his fair share of gun shots.

"It's the hood, so that's what happens on the regular," he said.

He loves working in the community he's always called home.

"You can always come talk to us, you know, it's nothing but love here, God is here, we got God in this building."

The 45-year-old barber was taking a break when a person died not far from his shop.

"One guy jumps out, runs around, the car and he opens the door, his friend kind of falls out a bit, like he's laid out and you can tell he was shot," Rivers recalls.

Times have changed from when Rivers was a youth.

"We're very sensitive to how we deal with conflict, you know. It's emotional sensitivity. So, instead of talking things out, it's the gun first."

Communication, or lack thereof, Rivers believes is the root cause for some of the problems in this community.

"The guns came, they said the guns made it easier, I would hear dudes say that. I would hear guys say the guns made it easier, but it made it worse, because now nobody is dealing with their stuff the right way. They’re not face-to-face dealing with it.”

Churches line the block on the stretch of Dorchester Road where Thursdays murder happened.

"We know church, we know prayer, even the gangsters and the thugs, or so called, or what they call it, have ways we can deal with these issues that we have."

He adds, "It doesn't have to be that way, whatever you're going through, there's a way out," Rivers said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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