Netting going up at South Carolina prisons to prevent contraband being smuggled in

Lieber Correctional Institution (FILE/WCIV)

South Carolina prisons already have tight security, which includes K-9 dogs and corrections officers, but prison officials say that’s not enough to stop criminals from smuggling contraband inside the prison.

S.C. Director of Corrections, Bryan Stirling, says state prisons are under attack from the outside, and the DOC is looking for ways to improve security.

One way is by adding netting around state prisons.

This week, Stirling tweeted out pictures of netting going up around Ridgeland Correctional in Jasper County.

Soon Lieber Correctional in Dorchester County and other state prisons will be surrounded by netting as well.

Last year, Jimmy Causey escaped from Lieber. Prison officials say Causey used a drone to smuggle in cash and cell phones..

The netting may not stop a drone, but it could stop people from tossing over bags, cell phones or other contraband, prison officials say.

Stirling says the netting is 50 feet above ground.

“The netting is pretty tall. Some people say you can throw something over that, but you cannot get close enough to throw something over that. It will catch,” says Stirling.

The cost to install the netting is between $6-7 million at all state prisons, Stirling says.

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