New nearly $37,000 Folly Beach 'Welcome' sign designed to resemble a 1950s postcard

New Folly Beach 'welcome' sign (WCIV)

Out with the old, in with the new. On Thursday, people were fired up over the new welcome sign at the entrance of Folly Beach. Comments and opinions are flooding in all over social media. The new fixture replaced the old sign that read, ‘Welcome to Folly Beach—the Edge of America.’ City officials said the wooden sign was rotted beyond repair.

It was replaced with a much larger, colorful sign with an electronic messaging board.

Critics call it “cartoonish” and compare it to amusement park signage, while others defended its design as fresh. But there’s mixed feelings among locals like Will Johnson, Gresh Meggett and Makenna Perry.

“It looks like Myrtle Beach, it’s horrible, it’s just tacky looking,” said Meggett.

“First time I saw it, I really liked it, I was surprised to see something new, but it’s old school, I like the look,” said Johnson. “Myrtle Beach is Myrtle Beach, it’s not Folly Beach, Folly Beach will never be like Myrtle Beach.”

“I don’t even mind updating a sign, I just think that we are so laid back here and kind of wild, but understated that it should match our vibe a little bit more,” said Perry. “Looking down Center Street, if you imagine the sign, plus Center Street, it just doesn’t, it clashes.”

Mayor Tim Goodwin said the sign was designed to resemble a 1950s postcard. He said there were several opportunities to weigh in. The design was discussed in several public meetings earlier this year and approved by city council in the spring.

Like it or not, a missing preposition has people wondering why it was approved. The sign reads “Welcome Folly Beach” instead of “Welcome to Folly Beach.”

The sign cost about $37,000 and was designed by a local artist.

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