New lawsuit: Third child allegedly sexually assaulted by former CCSD employee

Marvin Gethers

A lawsuit states that a former Charleston County School District specialist who worked with high-risk children sexually assaulted and threatened at least three children and had over 12,000 images of pornography and child pornography on his district-issued laptop.

According to attorneys representing the victims, the school district and law enforcement should have known that Marvin Gethers was a threat to children at the elementary school he was employed.

Gethers died in 2017, according to the lawsuit it was in part due to complications of HIV.

The lawsuit was filed against Charleston County School District, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and North Charleston on Wednesday.

Gethers worked at Matilda F. Dunston Elementary in North Charleston as a specialist who worked with high-risk children.

According the lawsuit, pornography was found on Gethers’ laptop in 2014. He remained at the school until 2016. That’s when attorneys believe he assaulted three children.

“During those 23 months, he sodomized physically assaulted and sexually assaulted at least three young boys,” says Victim’s attorney, Mark Peper.

Parents and one of those three boys allegedly assaulted by Marvin Gethers are now suing the agencies who they say should have protected them.

“This case is not about the lion, but the individuals that let the little children be locked inside the lion’s cage,” says Peper.

According to Peper, after the school district found pornography on Gethers’ laptop, it put him on paid administrative leave for five days and then let him go back to work.

“This was done at the direction of the higher ups in Charleston County School District and purposely concealed from not only the principal at Dunston but the parents of those students as well,” says Peper.

In the lawsuit, attorneys state that after Gethers was found with pornography on his laptop, he was not only promoted in the district, but he was named CCSD “classified employee of the year” for the 2014-2015 school year.

For the honor, he was given a new iPad, a $1000 grant and the use of a Mini automobile by the district.

It would be two years before charges were filed.

Gethers was arrested and fired by the school district.

“People knew in the very least he had a propensity to commit these acts because his computer was confiscated with over 12,000 images of porn and child porn,” says Peper.

Soon after, two 8-year-old victims came forward.

Gethers faced charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the third degree and first degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

In this lawsuit, the third victim just told his parents in November of the assaults when he was at Dunston.

“Did he do anything else to you? And the response was yes, mom that’s why I wanted to kill him,” says Peper.

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