Lowcountry inventor develops new way to heat water at home

Heatworks invention: An efficient water heater. (WCIV)

Time magazine calls it one of the best inventions of 2018. It's a new way for homeowners to heat and use water and it was invented by a Lowcountry inventor.

“I was building an outdoor shower and my hot water tank was too far away,” explains Jerry Callahan, founder and creator of Heatworks.

“I said, there has gotta be a better way to do this, and with my limited engineering background, I figured out we could use a water as a heating element,” says Callahan.

He took a couple of heaters apart.

“I built a couple of prototypes, shocked myself a few times, and didn’t shock anybody else. Got some patents and about four years ago, decided to make it a real business,” says Callahan.

The upside for consumers?

“We only heat water on demand; we are not heating a storage tank,” says Callahan.

The tank is efficient and should save about $240 dollars a year in energy costs.

His invention removes gunk often found in conventional tanks.

“The heating element gets covered by this mineral deposit and it overheats inside,” says Callahan. "Sedimentation then falls off and into your tank, in the bottom of your tank,” says Callahan.

Callahan says he has more inventions in the works using his technology.

His dishwasher, the Tetra, just won a coveted award for 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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