Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle ride through the Lowcountry


Everyone may fear the Walking Dead, and many love The Chappelle Show.

But Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle conquered fear and love together recently, when they went oystering in Charleston.

On an episode of AMC's "Ride With Norman Reedus," Reedus and Chappelle float with locals, Jaime and Joe along the marsh.

The episode aired November 6th.

Not only do the guys learn the art of fetching oysters, but they also got a mini history lesson.

They saw crumbled piers damaged by Hurricane Matthew, and an abandoned boat left from Hurricane Hugo.

After they've earned their keep it's on to the best part, shucking and eating.

They find out that the person deemed "Oyster Man" at Bowen's Island restaurant is very important. It's because he's the one who makes the oyster flavor real.

The men also find they enjoy cooked oysters more than what Chappelle refers to as "right out the mud."

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