North Charleston apartment tenants say landlord not paying utility bills included in rent

North Charleston apartment tenants say landlord isn't paying utility bills with rent money (WCIV)

Water is running again in Christine Davis's kitchen sink. But when she woke up Tuesday morning, she says the faucets in her small North Charleston apartment were dry.

"I got up I couldn't do my dishes. I couldn't brush my teeth. I couldn't take a shower. You know, I just can't do everyday functions when I have no water," Davis said.

Instead, she used bottled water to start her day. The bottles were leftover storm supplies from Hurricane Irma preps.

"I had to use it this morning to brush my teeth and give my dogs water. And that's not fair to me or my dogs," she said.

She says Charleston Water System told her service was cut off to Clement Arms Apartments because the bill wasn't paid. Water is included in the rent. She showed a photo of her rent payment paid on the first of the month.

"My rent is paid. My electric bill is paid. Why, you know, ain't the bills getting paid here?," she asked.

Neighbors say garbage collection is also affected. They complain about litter and debris scattered near the dumpster.

"The trash has been overflowing. You can see the residue from the trash. My neighbor had to come out here and pick it up because the trash service stopped,” explained Deseraah Smalls, a resident of Clement Arms.

Tenants say they've called the landlord several times, but no one answers the phone. ABC News 4 called the property managers to find out why services were disrupted, but calls went to voice mail.

"You have reached Palmetto Property Management. For properties in Charleston, press one," said a recorded message.

Still, tenants like Christine Davis look for answers.

"If our rent is paid shouldn't we have the luxury of the accommodations you're supposed to provide? That's all I want to know," she said.

Charleston Water System told ABC News 4 they're working with the landlord to resolve the non-payment issue. Messages were left with Palmetto Property Management to find out why the water bill hasn't been paid. But no one has returned our calls.

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