One-on-one with Nikki Haley: UN Ambassador talks Afghanistan, South Carolina, Emanuel AME

Nikki Haley at UN (WCIV)

In a special one-on-one interview with ABC News 4 on Friday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley shared how crucial events during her time as South Carolina Governor has provided unique experience for her position as a global diplomat.

Read a transcript of the interview below, and watch in the videos included here.

Bill Burr, ABC News 4: “Madam Ambassador, it’s been a year since you became the United States ambassador. How has the world changed and how have you changed in that year?”
Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador: “That’s a loaded question. You know the world has changed and the threats have increased. But we’re dealing with it. And you know that’s something that’s been interesting to see how it just started with like one issue and now they’re just popping up everywhere. But the United States is on it. We’re focused. We’re going to always work towards protection of civilians and to make sure we’re bringing peace and security. And that’s going to continue to be our focus. … For me, it’s what a learning curve it’s been. Really, going from domestic policy to foreign policy. It’s a complete shift. But I have enjoyed it. It’s everyday I’m learning. But I love it. It’s really been enlightening. Just to find out so many things about so many places in the world. And so many issues. And the ability to negotiate with other foreign leaders on these things. It’s been really fantastic.”
Burr: “The Mother Emanuel church shooting. The Confederate flag. Both of those major events took place while you were governor. How have these events helped you in the role as Ambassador?”
Haley: “I think that whether it was the church shooting or the thousand-year flood, or the hurricane, or the school shooting, all of these things remind you of how fragile life is. And they also remind you at how you have to really keep people together. You’ve got to hold them tight. And make sure that everyone, they understand the importance of taking care of each other. It’s just that important. And so when you take that in South Carolina to coming to the world stage, what I can tell you is you never stop caring for people. … And we have to continue to remember that every life is valuable. And we have to work to do everything we can to keep these people lifted up as well.”

Burr: “Your most recent overseas trip was Afghanistan. Why were you there? What did you do? What did you see?”
Haley: “So Afghanistan we talk about at Security Council a lot. And it’s a new strategy the United States and the President have put it place. And really going there to see if it’s working. … The Taliban is receding after the U.S. came out and said we’re not going to talk about a timeline. We’re coming and we’re staying to make sure we find peace in Afghanistan. It no longer harbors terrorism and the Taliban is receding. So things are moving in the right direction.”

“Haley: As I’ve pointed out many times, this session spends far too much time on Israel and the Palestinians. And far too little time on the terrorist regimes and groups that undermine peace and security in the region.”

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