Orionid meteor shower starts tonight

Orionid Meteor Shower begins tonight (MGN)

The night sky will be lit up this weekend, thanks to the Orionid meteor shower.

According to the Associate Professor from College of Charleston's Physics and Astronomy department, Dr. Joseph Carson, the Orionid meteor shower-better known as Orionids- is popular because the shooting stars are fragments from Halley’s Comet.

Around Oct. 20-22 of each year, the Earth intersects the trail of the comet’s orbit, and the material left behind from the comet will enter Earth's atomosphere.

According to to Dr. Carson, the meteor shower should be visible both Friday and Saturday nights, with its best viewing between midnight and two hours before dawn.

The Professor states it should be good viewing because there is no moon out tonight.

The meteors will come from the eastern horizon and streak across the entire sky, being visible from anywhere on Earth.

According to Dr. Carson meteors should light the night sky 15-20 times an hour.

He says no telescopes are needed, just a bit of patience.

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