Long-time antiques store Page's Thieves Market will close its barn doors

Page's Thieves Market announced it will close on Oct. 31. (WCIV)

Many visitors remember it's the last stop before the Sullivan’s Island connector.

Former Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda Page, owner of Page's Thieves Market, said, “We have landmarks, this was the last thing before you got to the beach, it’s just those things from childhood that disappear.”

For Page, it's a part of her childhood as well. “We moved into this old barn when i was 5 years old in 1964,” she says.

Page says her children grew up at the antique store as well.

But time has caught up with a store that sells memories and treasures.

“It’s not the treasure that is the treasure, it’s the stories. It's the connection and what things remind us of that are important,” says Page.

Yet, Page has announced that her famed barn will close its doors on Oct. 31.

Page says the reason for the closing is simple: The lease is up.

Brandi Ariel has been coming to Page's Thieves Market for 30 years. She says she was sad to hear that it was closing.

Like Page, it was the stories that kept her coming back.

Ariel says, “Many childhood memories of walking through here and admiring the chest, coming up with stories from the different pieces of furniture and thinking, 'Oh, I wonder what story it has.'”

Even for first-time visitors, the store brought history to the changing landscape of Mount Pleasant.

“A place like this gives you a sense of community and what’s its like and the things they had in the area of decades past. It’s pretty neat,” says customer David Brady.

As far as the next chapter of Page's story?

She says, “I’m a treasure hunter that’s what I do, how do you not do what you have always done?”

Now, she'll just need to find a new place to share all of those memories.

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