Paramedic hit by firetruck in Hanahan while responding to wreck with injuries


One Berkeley County paramedic was hit by a firetruck, and another narrowly missed being hit Wednesday in Hanahan.

Lt. Michael Fowler with Hanahan Police says paramedics were responding around 9 a.m. to a two-car wreck with injuries on the North Rhett Avenue bridge over the Goose Creek Reservoir.

According to Lt. Fowler, paramedics requested help, and when a firetruck arrived on scene for backup, the engine slid on the ice, losing control.

The fire truck hit one of the paramedics before colliding with another vehicle on the scene, Fowler says. A second paramedic jumped over the side of the bridge to avoid being hit, and injured their ankle, Fowler says.

Both paramedics are expected to be OK, according to Fowler.

Deputy Chief Bowers with Hanahan police said one was released with a broken ankle and the other is still under observation at the hospital.

Two people involved in the original wreck were transported from the scene for treatment of injuries.

Turkey Bridge on Henry Brown Blvd. is now open.

Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

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