Hit-and-run Tuesday highlights ongoing parking problems at Shem Creek Landing

Shem Creek Landing (WCIV)

"If you would have seen him coming around that corner. Oh my God I was so mad."

Witnesses to a hit-and-run accident shared their frustrations with Mount Pleasant Police officers Tuesday, as problems persist for people trying to park at Shem Creek Boat Landing.

"My only concern (as) I was sitting over there ... was getting my kids out, because I didn't know if he was going to hit my car. I mean I just wanted my kids out of the car," said Thomasina Burden, another witness to the person who drove away after slamming into parked cars and truck.

People who use the landing complain about visitors who don't follow parking signs. They see parking problems all the time, like a Honda Accord sedan parked without a trailer.

"People with just a car will take up a boat trailer parking spot which leaves a lot less places for guys with trailers to park. And we've had to start parking on the road. And businesses are getting upset with us doing that," said Jamie Hough, a boat captain for Flat Spot Charters. He also owns a Red Fish Mafia, a fishing apparel store.

Hough explains what happens when he and others are forced to park on nearby side streets.

"I get notes on my car from that business up there every now and then. That lady cusses me out once a week. It frustrates me," Hough said.

Lori Bauer is also frustrated. She owns Shem Salon and Spa on Live Oak Drive. She says overflow street parking forced her to take action.

"I put these signs right here up. And that really did help and deter this getting filled up. Therefore customers can park to come to my business," said Bauer.

Officials with Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission say there are parking ordinances for every county boat landing. At Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant Police are in charge of enforcing them.

ABC News 4 caught up with the man who parked his Honda illegally. When confronted, the driver laughed and walked away. (View the video below. Mobile users can click HERE.)

It may have been a laughing matter for him. But people like Jamie Hough just want the rules to be followed.

"We just need to figure out a common ground. And a way to use the landing appropriately so that we're not disturbing the peace so to speak," Hough said.

Parking rules are supposed to be posted at all Charleston County boat landings. They can be found at Shem Creek Boat Landing.

ABC News 4 contacted Mount Pleasant Police about their policies for enforcing the parking rules. Officials haven’t responded to the inquiry.

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