Pawn shop owner reacts after strange shooting incident caught on camera inside store


Big Bucks Pawn Shop on College Park Road is open for business again after a dangerous encounter with someone who claimed to be a customer.

"I don't know that anyone can prepare for a scenario like this. But it’s definitely something that is kind of in the back of your mind in a business like this," said Josh, Bailey, owner of the pawn shop.

Bailey believes his employees acted quickly when Berkeley County Sheriff's Deputies say Gregory Westfall walked into the shop Tuesday afternoon.

"He seemed very normal. He seemed very interested in a laptop. But things changed very quickly. It’s been explained to me like a light switch. How fast you can turn it on and off," Bailey said.

Within moments, security cameras caught the terrifying ordeal as Westfall opened fire on two employees. He eventually ran out of the shop, shooting at a window and shattering it.

"My actions were poor choice. However due to the circumstances of my life and the abuse that has been struck against me I do rise in protest. And I arise in violent protest," said Gregory Westfall, the accused gunman.

He addressed a judge in bond court Wednesday night as Josh Bailey listened.

"I made that out to be a gentleman that probably needs help. Maybe hasn't gotten the help he's needed over the course of his life," Bailey said.

Four bullet holes can be seen inside the pawn shop. Three from Westfall and another from an employee. A violent crime that could've been worse.

"We're most thankful that everyone got to go home safe. We're most thankful that the police responded as quickly as they did," Bailey said.

Josh Bailey says he'll review the store's handling of the incident. But he isn't sure if there's anything he would want employees to do differently.

Bailey promises to follow Gregory Westfall's court appearances. The next one is on October 13th.

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