People 'Hop' on the CARTA food & beverage shuttle downtown

Carta's HOP bus downtown. (WCIV)

The CARTA HOP (Hospitality on Peninsula) shuttle started running a little over a week ago.

It seems that people are starting to use the shuttle in response to the spike in parking meters downtown.

CARTA spokes person Daniel Brock said around 800 people rode the shuttle at the Park & Ride on Morrison Drive within it's opening week.

Tuesday, first time HOP rider, Susan Figg explained why she felt like testing out the shuttle.

"Some of the people at my work said it was easy, and that it was fast, and it got there on time," she said.

Even with the downpour Monday, CARTA HOP bus driver, Princess Seay said there was almost 50 people waiting for the shuttle.

CARTA says if the numbers continue to do well during this trial run of the Park & Ride on Morrison Drive, more Park & Rides could appear throughout the city.

The shuttle runs 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. everyday, with a $5 flat fee for parking for the entire day.

For a map of the route of the shuttle click here.

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