'People were congratulating me:' 18-year-old West Ashley man votes for first time

MJ Triebold and her son Jack Triebold. (Provided/MJ Triebold)

West Ashley resident Jack Triebold celebrated his 18th birthday on Saturday.

Just in time to be eligible to vote in Tuesday's election.

"I was excited. I followed all of the races," Triebold said about casting his vote for the first time.

He went to the polls on Tuesday with his mom, MJ Triebold, at their polling location at Drayton Hall Elementary. He waited in line about an hour to cast his first vote.

His young age didn't go unnoticed.

"People there were congratulating me," he said. "There were a couple of other 18-year-olds in line with me, too."

Triebold said the polls workers were very helpful showing him how the voting machine works.

"It was a lot smoother than I thought it would be," he said. "It took me a minute to figure out the machine worked, but once I got that, it was easy."

The home-schooled student said he's very involved in the races and was excited to participate for the first time.

"It was important for me for my voice to be heard as an American citizen," Triebold said. "I was disappointed I wasn't able to vote in the last presidential election - I've just always wanted to vote."

To celebrate the momentous occasion, the Triebolds went to Ruby Tuesday for a post-vote meal.

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