Perfectly Franks reopens for business at Knightsville General Store and Coffee House

Perfectly Franks reopens at new location with Knightsville General Store and Coffee House, Photojournalist Jason Tighe (WCIV)

Summerville staple, Perfectly Franks closed down its downtown location back in April.

But the owner, Perry Cuda, reopened the business this weekend in Knightsville and since then, dozens of customers have shown up to see if the rumors were true.

Cuda was able to reach an agreement with owners of the Knightsville General Store and Coffee House located at 1700 Central Avenue in Summerville.

Cuda said he had three places he thought were going to work out but they fell through.

Luckily, he was able to meet Lori Sparks, co-owner of the Knightsville General Store and Coffee House.

"This is a God thing. It really is. I came out here expecting nothing. I just wanted to talk to the people who own the place. When I met Lori and Randy they were so kind and said 'hey why don't we just get together and do this and see where this takes us?,'” said Cuda.

"I think we complement each other. He needed a place to start over and we needed some help in the kitchen," said Sparks.

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