Petition for Charleston street to be renamed after Emanuel 9 victim

Susie Jackson.png

A Care2 petition is asking Charleston to change the name of Alexander St. to Susie Jackson Lane, after Susie Jackson, the oldest victim of the Emanuel AME Church shooting.

Susie's niece, Gail Jackson, and some of Susie's neighbors started the petition.

"This petition is important to me because she is my aunt, and she left a positive mark on our family, community and world," Gail Jackson told Care2. "Plenty of people from all over the world have signed this petition and made heartfelt comments as if Aunt Susie Jackson touched them in a positive way."

Susie lived on Alexander St. for over 50 years with nine of her brothers and sisters, who all lived a few doors down from one another, Gail and Susie's neighbors write on the Care2 petition.

"Everyone in the neighborhood loved and knew Ms. Susie," the petition reads. "Her presence was golden in her family and the community!"

You can view the Care2 petition here:

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