Police arrest man for armed robbery, accused of taking $5 pack of cigarettes from Walmart

Cheyenne Jordan (Al Cannon Detention Center)

Armed robbery, resisting arrest, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and two separate drug charges. And police say it all started with a stolen pack of cigarettes, worth just over $5.

Mount Pleasant Police say Cheyenne Jordan threatened a loss prevention officer with a knife after the officer approached the suspect at the Walmart in the Market at Oakland shopping center.

Police say when they got to the Walmart, Jordan was still in the parking lot, sitting inside a Saturn SUV. That's when police blocked him into the parking spot.

They say Jordan got out of the car with his hands raised, and told the officers that there was a knife in his car.

Then police say Jordan took off running. Police were able to tackle him to the ground, hurting the right side of his face.

When police searched him, they say they found a black knife that matches the knife described by the loss prevention officer.

When officers searched his car, they say they found a brand new, unwrapped, pack of Marlboro cigarettes in the front seat.

Officers also say they found a silver tin in the glove box with three bags inside. They say two bags had meth and cocaine in them. The third was not opened due to the unknown substance. It was given to SLED for testing.

Jordan was taken to the Al Cannon Detention Center and awarded a $60,000 bond.

Police say the pack of cigarettes he's suspected of stealing cost $5.83.

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