Police: Gun at Colleton Middle found after students were caught smoking in stairwell


A gun was found on Colleton Middle School Thursday and a juvenile was arrested.

The gun was discovered after the school's SRO was notified by a school administrator that several students were smoking in a stairwell of the middle school.

The juveniles were escorted by the SRO to the school office.

"Upon the administrator looking in the juveniles’ book bag, a pistol was located. The SRO was present when the handgun was located and immediately took possession of that handgun," states the Colleton County Sheriff's Office.

The juvenile's guardian met investigators at the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Annex where the juvenile was processed and then transported to a Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Facility in Columbia, where he is being held on the charge of bringing a weapon on school grounds, according to Colleton County Sheriff's Office.

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