Portuguese Man O' Wars spotted on Folly Beach, jellyfish stings spike on local beaches

Portugese Man O War (Karen H. Black, Thinkstock by Getty Images)

If you see anything resembling the creature in the photo above on Lowcountry beaches, give it plenty of space.

It's a Portuguese Man O' War, and it packs a painful sting both in and out of the water.

Folly Beach officials announced sightings of Portuguese Man O' Wars on their beach Wednesday.

The venomous cousins of jellyfish deliver venomous stings through long tentacles.

If stung, people are encouraged to first wash the impacted area with salt water, and vinegar if available.

Afterward, victims are recommended to soak the affected area in hot water for about 30 minutes, then apply hydrocortizone cream.

Additionally, Folly Beach and Sullivan's Island officials say there have been an uptick of reported jellyfish sightings and stings in the area in recent days.

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