Possible curfew for unincorporated Dorchester County during Irma

Possible curfew for unincorporated Dorchester County during Irma

Dorchester County Council met today, Friday, September 8, and unanimously voted to enforce a curfew for unincorporated Dorchester County, if needed.

The curfew will go into effect when tropical force winds (39 mph) are in the area, and will remain in effect until the Dorchester County Emergency Operations Center provides an all clear.

As of now tropical force winds are expected to arrive, Monday, September 11, but that could change.

Officials say when sustained winds reach 39 mph all public safety missions will be placed on standby and won't resume until conditions improve.

Dorchester County has also transitioned to OPCON 2 as of noon, on Friday, September 8.

OPCON 2 means an emergency situation is imminent and the EOC will be fully activated.

The Citizens Call Center is activated for residents who have any questions about the potential impacts of Hurricane Irma.

CITIZEN CALL CENTER: (843) 832-0393 OR (843) 563-0393


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