Post office 'mishap' cost woman $200 until ABC News 4 got involved

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Imagine ordering a $200 jacket online, never getting it, and being told your money is gone. That's what a Mount Pleasant woman says happened to her.

Tracking down a package missing for two months takes a lot of work. Meg Doty finally got an answer, but not one she wanted to hear. The postal service told her the jacket was delivered to the wrong address and all she got was an apology.

Doty bought a pricey North Face jacket in November. She needed something to keep her warm for a trip to the Big Apple.

"After a couple of days, I decided to check tracking to see where it would be located and it turned out that it had been delivered that day," Doty said.

After checking her front porch camera, she realized it never came. So, she called the company.

“They said it's unfortunate, maybe you should check with UPS, which was the first delivery company. Because, it went from UPS to USPS," Doty said.

UPS told her they delivered it to the postal service and gave her a tracking number. Her husband then went to the post office.

"They looked around the post office. She realized that they had geo-tracked the truck. So she was able to confirm that the truck was not in my neighborhood and not even in our part of town," Doty said.

Her package was delivered to another house a mile and a half away.

"So, she said we can call our driver and see if the driver can go to the house and ask if they still have the package," Doty said.

But no luck. The customer service supervisor for the post office sent Doty this email.

“We were unsuccessful to recover this misdelivered package.” -- Alice Barefoot Customer Service Supervisor Mt. Pleasant Post Office.

"My favorite part is that we are not allowed to file a claim, because the package was not damaged nor lost. Because, they technically know where the package is. They just don't have the package," Doty said.

So ABC News 4 made a call to the post office's corporate office and within a few hours they called Doty saying she's getting all her money back.

As for the US Postal Service, they did share a statement with us.

"While each employee makes every effort to deliver each piece of mail, an occasional mishap does happen. We apologize to the customer and we're happy a successful resolution was achieved," USPS said.

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