Rep. Wendell Gilliard meets with Charleston's Latino community over immigration concerns

Rep. Wendell Gilliard and members of the Latino community meet to discuss immigrant concenrs. (WCIV)

Cries over the separation of parents and children on the Texas Mexico border are being heard in the Lowcountry.

The border battle concerns moved Rep. Wendell Gilliard to meet with the Lowcountry Latino community.

Surprise deportations have been common place, and what happened the last week in Texas has only raised fears.

Tonight we heard from a young man who’s father was picked up in the Lowcountry by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) three weeks ago.

The feeling shared in that meeting was widespread through the Lowcountry.

According to a report provided by the University of South Carolina, the state has one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the country. A population now sitting on pins and needles.

Tucked away in a small pocked of North Charleston, sits a hair salon.

The conversation not do much about kids and work problems.

Toda Bella salon instead is talking about immigration and separation of parents and their children.

The images and sounds from Texas sent chills through the Latino community. Answers were just as difficult to come by.

Yulissa Richardson has been a part of this community for years.

Her stomach is now in knots as some of her clients tangle with the unknown.

Straightening out immigrant reform is a political issue for families in this Latino community. It’s an issue they deal with daily.

Gilliard has confirmed a meeting with ICE the second week of July, so the organization can hear concerns from the Latino community.

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