Report: Mt. Pleasant gas station employee robbed after withdrawing cash


A Mt. Pleasant gas station employee told police that he was robbed on Sunday night after he had just withdrawn a large sum of cash—two days worth of store profits—to deposit into the bank.

The 27-year-old man said a pickup truck cut him off on Bowman Road and two men jumped out wielding a pistol and robbed him of the cash and his iPhone 7 plus phone, according to a report from the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

The employee said the pickup truck caused damage to the front of his car.

Police responded to the robbery at 10:25 p.m., according to the report. The amount of cash that was stolen was redacted in the report.

Officers patrolled for the suspect vehicle, described as a black Chevrolet truck with a lift, dual exhaust and camper shell, but were unsuccessful in locating any similar vehicle, the report states.

Police checked the road and nearby trash cans but did not find anything, the report states. The man tried to locate his phone using an offline app, but it was turned off.

The manager told police that employees should not be traveling with that amount of cash at night. Instead, store procedure is for managers to bring cash deposits to the bank during daylight hours.

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