Report: Woman ransacked school, didn't take anything


More details were released after a woman broke into Philip Simmons Middle School Monday night.

Berkeley County Sheriff's deputies initially said a woman broke in, tore artwork off the walls, and damaged computer equipment.

A newly released report shows she did much more than that.

A custodian found candy a candy bowl had been tossed in the conference room, chairs thrown about a break room and a snack machine on its side. Computers in two rooms were tossed onto the floor, an art display was torn from the hallway wall, and the state flag was lying in the middle of the foyer. They also said trash cans were lying flat and papers were scattered around.

According to a BCSO incident report, the woman got in through a door near the athletic fields after trying two other doors around the school. She was captured on security cameras tossing the computers and knocking over the snack machine.

Investigators say they know who the woman is and have issued arrest warrants but they have not released her name.

We will update this story as more information is provided.

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