Residents say Berkeley County landfill odor is making them sick

The Fox Bank subdivision near the landfill. (WCIV)

Imagine waking up to the smell of rotten eggs.

It’s happening to those living around several neighborhoods in Berkeley County.

The foul smell is coming from the landfill off Highway 52 in Moncks Corner. People living in the Fox Bank subdivision say it’s become so strong, it’s making them sick.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said the smell wakes her family up once or twice a week.

“It just fills our house up, we get headaches, we’re nauseous in the morning when we wake up,” she said. “Once we get up, the smell is gone but it’s locked in our home, so therefore we have to open up all our windows, all our doors and let the smell out, it’s just, it’s ridiculous.”

Joseph Martinez lives across the street. He moved into his home last April.

He expected an occasional whiff of garbage living next to a landfill, but said it’s beyond that and has become worse over time.

“It smells like horrible rotten eggs is what it smells like. It’s horrible,” Martinez said. “Strong enough where the house is locked and it seeps through the doors, it’s in the house. We wake up to that.”

Berkeley County is currently working on a solution. Officials say the rotten egg smell is hydrogen sulfide gas, which they believe is coming from the breakdown of dry wall particle board.

They said heavy rainfall last month—11 inches—drenched landfill material, including household trash. They say crews are trying multiple methods to cover the smell.

In the meantime, Martinez said they’re burning a lot of candles and using plug-ins to mask the smell permeating their home.

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