S.C. lottery could make everyone a winner after $19.6M glitch that stole Christmas

Holiday Cash Add-A-Play (S.C. Education Lottery)

The South Carolina Education Lottery commission voted Friday to set aside money to possibly pay everyone who won one of its online games as a result of a Christmas Day glitch.

Lottery officials say that for two hours Monday, everybody who played its Holiday Cash Add-A-Play game won the maximum $500 prize.

The game works like this: a computer program generates trees on a tic-tac-toe grid. Players hope to get three trees in a line.

As a result of the glitch, lottery officials say trees were being printed in all nine grids. In all, players won $19.6 million.

But when players went to cash their tickets, the computer wouldn't pay. Dozens came Wednesday to the lottery's office in Columbia wanting their money.

It's unclear if the S.C. Education Lottery will actually pay out all the winnings, but its vote Friday to set aside the money indicates it's a possibility.

The lottery commission also voted to investigate Intralot, the company that ran the game, and get legal advice.

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