S.C. Senator Lee Bright files LGBT bill similar to North Carolina's 'bathroom law'

Sen. Lee Bright R-Spartanburg holds the "Roll Call of the Dead" while making his case not to take down the flag during the South Carolina senate's debate on a bill that calls for the removal of the Confederate flag from the State House grounds. Monday, July 6, 2015, in Columbia, S.C. Tim Dominick/The State via AP)

South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright on Wednesday introduced a bill that is similar to North Carolina's controversial bathroom law.

Bright's bill would prevent local governments from enacting laws to allow people to use public bathrooms not designated to their birth gender.

The bill also says local school boards should require student bathrooms be used by students based on their birth gender.

It's very similar to a controversial law passed in North Carolina, hailed by supporters as a protection of their faith and values but criticized by opponents as an attack on members of the LGBT community.

The company PayPal recently announced it was pulling a new global operations center from North Carolina -- including 400 future jobs -- because of the new law.

The White House has also said it is looking into whether North Carolina could lose millions in dollars of federal funding because of the law.

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