School board's Kevin Hollinshead leaves early, board ties on controversial bus lot vote

Kevin Hollinshead (WCIV)

A controversial call to put a school bus lot at James Island Elementary stalled with a tied 4-4- vote Monday night, after a Charleston County School Board member gave his own potential pay raise precedence over the bus lot.

Kevin Hollinshead could've cast the deciding vote on the bus lot issue Monday, as fellow board members were stuck in procedural gridlock. Instead, Hollinshead left the school board meeting early to attend a Charleston County Legislative Delegation meeting where state lawmakers were discussing a pay raise for the school board.

When asked why he left the school board meeting, Hollinshead said “I wanted to give my input to them on what I thought the board pay possibly could be.”

Hollinshead has been in support of a pay increase for board members since the topic was first discussed over the summer. Twice this year he voted in favor of giving board members a $14,000 annual salary, and voted against a move to rescind the decision when board members later reversed course amid public backlash.

Hollinshead said board members aren't fairly paid for the several hours a week they dedicate to the school district’s needs.

“Board members are putting in 12-15 hours a week,” said Hollinshead. “We have to have some sort of compensation to make the board be able to attract people of all walks of life, to bring their expertise to the board.”

Hollinshead said he did try to vote on the bus lot issue over the phone.

“I called in, but I didn’t make it in time," Hollinshead says.

Still, he said the Legislative Delegation meeting was more important to the future of the school board.

“This was important, to also be heard for our other board members and future board members to be able to come to come to the board. It was supposed to be up on the agenda earlier but they pushed it down," said Hollinshead.

The Legislative Delegation ultimately made no decision on a raise for the school board. The delegation agreed to review the salaries and compare the workload to similar sized districts and reconvene at a later date.

ABC News 4 also spoke with board members Michael Miller and Cindy Coats, both were in support of their salary being reviewed and possibly increased.

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